Law Cases

The Attorney General Served Me With a Demand Letter–I Thought the Payroll Company Handled Everything

A busy entrepreneur found himself subject to a complaint by the Attorney General for having underpaid his one of his employees. As a business owner, you are responsible for knowing and implementing the new minimum wage and overtime rules.

Outcome: I negotiated a consent order and updated the entrepreneur’s wage procedures and policy manuels.

Surveyor Slip-up! Zoning & Land Use Mediation

A client negotiated a contract for a large office building in a new location. At my suggestion, he hired a surveyor who certified that the proposed building could be built on the site. The surveyor missed a zoning regulation and the town would not approve the building.

Outcome: We obtained a mediated settlement from the surveyor. My client sold the original land and was able to build on a different parcel.

Careful v. Careless. Non-profit Employee Termination Procedures

Careful v. Careless. Non-profit Employee Termination Procedures: I represented a non-profit client where an at-will employee was habitually late and did not show up for work after numerous written warnings.  The understaffing caused an unsafe situation with the daily operation of business. The employer was counseled to carefully follow their employee handbook, which luckily the employer had hired me to redraft months earlier, in order to properly terminate the employee.

Outcome: The employee was terminated without recourse to the organization and the subsequent unemployment hearing for the employer resulted in the denial of the unemployment claim.

All businesses, profit or non-profit are responsible to keep their policy and procedures updated at all times!

Susan L. Moran Attorney at Law